Child Students: Young children starting out on their musical paths will have a traditional music lesson plan that wil encompass music reading, music theory, music history, guitar techniques, ensemble work, and everything that will guarantee a complete musical education. In the beginning a fine line must be walked between teaching young students correct technique; which will take time and patience, along with making lessons fun and enjoyable. Through years of teaching young students I have learned how to achieve this balance with every child.

All new child students will practice from the same study book, Mastering The Guitar 1A, which will provide a structured musical path, along with additional study materials provided by the teacher. Students with previous guitar studies may start using Mastering The Guitar 1B.

Practice time at home is a crucial step, and parents will be asked to be part of their children's music education by establishing practice times at home and offering encouragement. The teacher and parent will be in communication regarding their child's musical improvement through chats, email reports, and parents will be provided additional articles on these subjects through our studio blog.

Adult Students: Adults interested in guitar lessons come from varying backgrounds and have varying goals, and I try to meet their expectations by offering truly individualized lesson plans. Some students will come in with prior guitar or music studies as children or adults, while others will come in with no musical backgounds at all in their entire lives. Some students will want to have a traditional learning experience with music reading, theory, etc, while others want to skip most of that stuff and go straight to playing! Obviously all these variations will result in different approaches, but with carefully selected books providing structured learning and the teacher providing additional work and guidance, any adult student can reach their goal in the way they desire.

All adult students will practice from various books, according to their musical interests and goals:

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.1 book will be used for new students interested in classical guitar studies.

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.2 book will be used for intermediate students interested in classical guitar studies.

Mastering The Guitar 1A book will be used for new students interested in learning music reading and theory along with guitar studies.

Tab Guitar Method book will be used for new students interested in music reading and theory basics with emphasis on guitar studies.